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Returning to Irish Fest Camden for a fourth year is crowd favorite, SYR (pronounced "sire").  The Celtic folk rock band from Columbia takes inspiration from Celtic history, stories, and myth.  SYR blends their own rock background to create powerful songs with themes like battle, love, heritage, and victory.  Front man and founder Kyle MacCallum also honors the language of the ancient Celts by including lyrics in Gaelic.  From humble beginnings at pubs and local venues, SYR has become a welcome additional to larger Celtic festivals and events, building a reputation for a high-energy performance.  The band consists of siblings Kyle (lead vocals, guitar) and Laurel MacCallum (vocals, percussion), Kelly Huff (bass), Luis Valverde (drums), and Worth Lewallen (violin).  For more information visit

Playing for the first time at Irish Fest Camden, Tuatha Dea brings their unique tribal-Celtic-punk vibe and sound, accented visually by their energy and flamboyant stage show!  Tuatha Dea is an Old Irish phrase adopted from the Celtic mythology of the Tuatha de Danaan whose literary history originates in Ireland and Great Britain. The name “Tuatha Dea” literally translates into “Children of The Gods”. The band’s Celtic influence stems directly from this historical clan which lived and ruled for a period in ancient Ireland and who were later destined to become the stuff of legend and basis of Celtic mythology, those who dwelt beneath the burrows, the Children of The Gods.  The band won the The Hard Rock Rising competition 2015 in Pigeon Forge with their unique sound and energetic stage show and is the only Celtic/Steam Punk-styled band to place and remain in the running to compete in Barcelona Spain.  The band was conceived by Danny Mullikin (percussion, guitar, vocals), wife Rebecca (lead vocals, hand drums), son Brandon Mullikin (lead guitar), daughter Tesea Dawson Mullikin (bass, keyboard, flute).  The band's evolution has organically grown to include Rebecca's sister Kathy Holman (lead vocals, handrum, keyboard), Kathy's fiance Chris Bush (didgeridoo, Native American flute, penny whistle, bagpipes, drums), Adam Ogle (rhythm, lead guitar), Laura Smith (fiddle), and Brett Maney (drums).  Feel the rhythm!  Become the music!  Experience the family that is Tuatha Dea! Learn more at

Trip Rogers

North Carolina native Trip Rogers will return to Irish Fest Camden main event and the Pub Crawl with his solo Celtic performance.  This is not the fragile, romanticized Celtic music you hear in movie soundtracks, but the kind that makes you sing along and stomp your feet.  A guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and entertainer by trade and passion, Trip seamlessly weaves traditional Irish and Scottish music with original creations while adding a southern swagger.  Lynyrd Skynyrd's southern rock and Eric Clapton's guitar-driven blues laid the foundation for Trip's signature guitar style.  Rock and blues favorites, along with the story-laden sons of Scotland, Ireland, and Appalachia are brought to life by Trip's dynamic stage presence.  For more information visit

Born and raised on a farm in rural South Carolina, Carroll Brown makes his first Irish Fest Camden appearance in 2020.  His first music influences were church music and what scatterings he could pick up from the night time radio. His mother was the church pianist and taught him his first chords on the guitar. This gift of music would be his constant companion. His first performances were playing guitar and singing in his pre-teen years in his home church.  Traditional southern gospel and bluegrass would give way to Jim Croce and James Taylor as he entered college. The first paying jobs were to pay for the tuition but would pave the way for his life’s work. His college years were filled with music courses and performances in a variety of groups and venues. His broadcasting degree would qualify him to be a recording engineer which was to be his ticket to the music business. He first tested the waters in New York but opted for Nashville, Tennessee. There he worked with songwriters and music publishing and in various studios recording and helping produce nationally released records.  Family matters and money matters brought him back to South Carolina and back to performing in 1981. He settled in Charleston, where he started a recording studio and music publishing business. “Charleston Recording” would become the largest studio in lower South Carolina. A steady gig at the Mills House Hotel helped to pay for his growing family and the dream that refused to die. He released his “Carroll Brown Live” cassette while working there. He produced over sixty albums on both regional and national acts and built an impressive resume. The last album he produced before he sold the business was his own “Roots and Wings” project. It’s the story of a farm boy who is driven from home by a dream only to eventually return to his roots.  Those roots include Irish blood and his intense interest in the Irish music led to visits to his ancestral homeland and the release of his “Songs of Ireland project” in 1998.  In 2013 the completion of a long overdue "Irish" studio project "Closer To The Top Of The World" yielded a variety of Irish folk and Irish pub songs.  It was quickly one of the most often purchased discs. Learn more at

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Irish Fest Camden is excited to welcome back Seldom Sober, Savannah's most experienced and longest tenured Irish band. Formed in 2007, Seldom Sober consists of Colleen Settle and Michael Corbett and has a large repertoire of traditional and contemporary music from Ireland, the British Isles, and beyond. Colleen hails from the New York area and has been in Savannah since 2006. A superb Irish fiddler and professional Irish musician since 1978, Colleen brings years of professional experience and an extensive catalog of tunes to Seldom Sober. A native New Englander, Michael moved to Savannah in 2005 after playing professionally in the Boston and eastern New England area since 1995. Michael was mentored by Liam Clancy and other legends of Irish folk music. Discover more at

EJ Campbell, a New Jersey native, was born into Irish music. He joins the Irish Fest Camden line-up for the first time in 2020.  EJ learned most of the songs in-person watching his mentors, the Dublin-born Willie Lynch (The Willie Lynch Band) and Kerryman Kevin Guerin (Round the House), perform in establishments all around New Jersey and New York. As a young boy, he was even called on stage to sing with the Wolfe Tones who were mesmerized an American child knew the lyrics to their songs. Campbell didn’t pick up his guitar until his senior year of high school and hasn’t put it down since. After honing his craft practicing at home and playing family parties, he got his first opportunity performing between sets for ‘Round the House'. Since then, he’s performed around New Jersey and is excited to bring his style of Irish folk music to South Carolina!

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