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Community Grant Application

March 31, 2023

Irish Fest Camden is grateful for the community support it has received throughout the years and cordially invites Kershaw County organizations to be considered for a portion of event proceeds. 

The Irish Fest Camden Community Grant will be awarded to organizations that devote their efforts to healthcare, children & family welfare, animal welfare, education, community enrichment, and primarily provide support services within Kershaw County.

If your organization’s mission aligns with one of these causes, we invite you to submit an application for grant funding consideration. Funding is limited to one time per year, per organization, and held in conjunction with Irish Fest Camden. 

2023 IrishFest Camden Grant Application Form

Thank you for submitting your application for the 2023 IrishFest Camden Grant Award. You will be notified if your organization is chosen to receive a grant. Thank you!

The grant application time period has ended. Please apply next year!

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